DevOps West 2018 Concurrent Session : Infogain: A Case study in Predictive, AI-driven Automation


Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Infogain: A Case study in Predictive, AI-driven Automation

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Intelligent Automation is no longer a nice to have in today’s IT world. The market demands responsiveness and responsiveness mandates speed and flexibility. Vast teams of manual testers no longer fit this new paradigm. The most mature, value-focused IT organizations will find a way to prevail. One approach to the problem hinges on the innovative idea of utilizing open source tools to build an advanced testing framework integrated with a predictive analytics capability. The resulting solution dubbed a ‘Continuous Quality Engine’ at Infogain, enables a process of optimized test planning based on predicted points of failure, the execution of an optimized automated test suite, the assessment of the results and the machine learning-driven improvement of our prediction algorithms. The full automation of quality assurance processes is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Solutions like Infogain’s Continuous Quality Engine are opening a door to this new paradigm in software development and once companies begin to step through it, there will be no looking back.


Robb La Velle is VP and global leader of the business assurance group for Infogain Corp., based in Los Angeles. In this role he manages a solutions, presales, and delivery team based in North America and India. In addition to his sales responsibility, Robb overees the GTM strategy, alliance relationships, and industry analyst relations. In former QA and supply chain leadership roles at Capgemini and Accenture, he sold, established, and managed large managed testing services for Deutsche Bank, Chevron, AT&T, Energy Future Holdings, Best Buy, and T-Mobile and provided strategy consulting on testing to dozens of other market-leading companies. He also managed consulting services for supply chain software pioneer i2 Technologies, based in Kuala Lumpur.