DevOps West 2018 Concurrent Session : Scrum and Kanban Sitting in a Tree: Leveraging Scrum and Kanban Together


Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Scrum and Kanban Sitting in a Tree: Leveraging Scrum and Kanban Together

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Should we use Scrum? Should we use kanban? The best agile teams already know they don’t need to choose. Scrum teams improve when they start to look at flow inside and outside their sprints. Kanban teams improve when they have a disciplined cadence and effective product owners and ScrumMasters. In this session, Yuval Yeret will look at the core definitions of Scrum and kanban, bust some myths about the two, and identify the significant common ground between them. You will then learn some practical ways to bring kanban flow into your Scrum and to bring Scrum roles, events, and artifacts into your kanban, including the kanban-based sprint backlog, a flow-based daily scrum, visualizing aging work, and flow-based sprint planning. Yuval will demonstrate ways to wrap Scrum with a kanban flow system that looks upstream, downstream, and at the higher level picture, and describe how Scrum, kanban, and DevOps all fit together. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how Scrum and kanban are actually more similar than different, as well as some new ideas for your agile team's processes.

Yuval Yeret

With more than 24 years in IT, Yuval Yeret has been helping AgileSparks enterprise clients scale agile since 2009, working with companies such as Intel, Siemens, Amdocs, HP, Nice Actimize, and Eagle Investments. He is a kanban, Scrum, and SAFe trainer (SPCT4). You can check out his thinking on the AgileSparks blog, in his popular personal blog at, or in his book Holy Land Kanban. Yuval is currently based in Boston, with a focus both on enterprise agility and SAFe, as well as wider organizational agility and especially agile marketing.