DevOps West 2018 Leadership Summit Session: Limitless by Choice: Unlocking Your and Your Teams’ Potential


Friday, June 8, 2018 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Limitless by Choice: Unlocking Your and Your Teams’ Potential

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Agile, Waterfall, and everything in between starts and ends with teams. No matter what role you play on the team you have the power to unlock the team’s real potential. No – this isn’t a talk on how to get a higher velocity while working less. This session is the practical view into HOW to become or inspire high performing teams. Join seasoned agile and leadership coach Jessica Soroky as she shares the secret to unlocking your own personal power first. Sick of talking conceptually? Don’t worry this session is all about giving you real tools and techniques you can start using today to take yourself and your team to the limitless level with four easy steps. First, you’ll be introduced through interactive activities to the personal and team development program – Limitless by Choice. You will also receive multiple resources and practice techniques to continue with the material long after the session. Learning how to apply this to team building at any point in a team’s journey with the end goal of becoming “high performing”.

Jessica Soroky
NextGear Capital

Jessica Soroky is Director of Agile Practices for NextGear Capital. As a Certified ScrumMaster, certified Red Belt Collaboration Architect, and the youngest accredited Leadership Gift Coach, she is driven by her passion for people. She has worked in the corporate world since the age of nineteen and has a diverse background of experience across industries, including insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and finance. She deeply believes in teaching through demonstration and seeks to spread personal responsibility, agility, and choice, no matter where she goes.