DevOps West 2018 Tutorial: Adopt a Product-Centered Approach


Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Adopt a Product-Centered Approach

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So much of our software product development effort is focused toward speed—getting more done, faster and faster. Almost like we’re running a fast food restaurant where the burger and fry counts are the only measure of success. However, experienced organizations have come to realize that speed isn’t the only thing. Join David Hussman as he assumes the use of agile methods as table stakes, builds on the ability to “get things done, quickly,” and raises the stakes to “Are you doing the right thing?” If you have been practicing Scrum and are looking for something more, this session will help you learn to form teams around products and services, go deeper in early product discovery without going back to big up-front design, create plans that help you learn about products and customers, and establish a blended learning cadence both outside of production (lean product design) and in production (e.g., Scrum). In essence, David will take you from doing more, to doing more of the right things—which is just what your customers are looking for.

David Hussman
Dev Jam

David Hussman works at DevJam Studios, a creative production house in Minneapolis composed of producers, makers, and coaches working in small and large companies around the world. As mentors and practitioners, DevJammers focus on using agile methods to help people and companies improve their product learning through faster deliver cycles and responsive engineering. Along with coaching, David speaks and teaches at a wide variety of global conferences and companies. David has captured his experience and knowledge to create an engaging video learning series called “Cutting an Agile Groove,” filming in a series of live sessions and published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf. David has also contributed to several books as well as helping to create curriculum for The University of Minnesota and Capella University.