Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Product Coaching and Measurable Agility

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Beyond agile coaching lies the land of product coaching. Building on his years spent coaching lasting agility, David Hussman draws on the tools of the past, and introduces new ideas and practices. David starts with a short assessment of your skills and then puts them to work in an interview format where you work with another delegate to explore the least amount of process with the most real and measurable value. From there, David explains tools that foster product coaching while focusing on discovery, delivery, and measurable learning. Topics covered include: framing product teams and communities, coaching product discovery, coaching product delivery, fostering anti-fragile delivery environments, and focusing on impact over progress. If you are a working coach or are being asked to coach teams or programs, this session contains concrete tools you can apply immediately upon your return to work.

David Hussman

Working with companies of all sizes worldwide, David Hussman teaches and coaches the adoption of agile methods as powerful delivery tools. Sometimes he pairs with developers and testers; other times he helps plan and create product roadmaps. David often works with leadership groups to pragmatically use agile methods to foster innovation and a competitive business advantage. Prior to working as a full-time coach, he spent years building software in the audio, biometrics, medical, financial, retail, and education sectors. David now leads DevJam, a company composed of agile collaborators. As mentors and practitioners, DevJam focuses on agility as a tool to help people and companies improve their software production skills.