Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

Working Remotely: Embracing the Challenges

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Glen Pascual recognizes first-hand that while working remotely is an increasing option for many in the IT industry, it can be challenging. Working remotely requires an organization to trust that its employees can do the work without constant supervision and without constant physical proximity to fellow employees. Success requires a strong culture, remote work policies, and support from the team. Many times Remotes are invisible and have difficulty being heard and understood during during conference calls. Glen notes that technical collaboration tools are available that make Remotes more visible in such meetings. Discussions can be made more effective by sharing presentations and papers in advance and recording meetings for later review. As an employee, having the ability to be resourceful and independent is key to being a successful Remote. Glen shares the challenges of remote employees, how organizations can embrace these challenges, and how employees can be productive and make remote working a possibility for every organization.

Glen Pascual

Glen Pascual has fifteen years of experience in the QA industry, working in various roles including director of software quality at E-venture Capital, and support and quality roles at Symitar, Dataquick, LPL, Sony, and Intuit. Glen currently uses his skills and knowledge at Intuit where he contributes to the success of TurboTax online products. Working remotely became an option at Intuit, and Glen has been doing so for the past two years. He continues the quality lifeline by helping teams shift left in all aspects of product development, which includes seeking to find defects as early in the process as possible and getting all engineers to automate and test early.