DevOps West 2018 Tutorial: The Architecture of Microservices


Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

The Architecture of Microservices

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Server-side monoliths—single programs that provide all back-end services—just don't work. They are hard to build, impossible to maintain, and gradually accrete so much baggage that forward development slows to a crawl. Agile development is impossible over this sort of system. Allen Holub says that microservices—systems of small, cooperating server-side agents—solve these problems. However, building a microservice system is not easy, and doing it wrong is disastrous. Taking a deep dive into practical microservice architecture and implementation, Allen covers a lot of practical details to help you avoid common pitfalls that can cause you months of delay—or even outright failure. Learn everything you need to know to successfully build platform-independent, vendor- and language-neutral microservice systems. Explore optimal microservice architecture and principles, appropriate service-API and UI design, effective interservice communication, and robust failure-handling techniques. Leverage this knowledge to build robust and resilient, secure, platform-independent services with no false starts and rework.

Allen Holub
Holub and Associates

Allen Holub is one of the country’s foremost software architects, agile-transformation consultants, and programmers. He provides a full range of training, consulting, and executive/team-level coaching services over the full stack of lean/Agile: process, architecture, and nuts-and-bolts development. Allen excels at helping you build highly functional lean/agile organizations and robust, highly scalable software suitable for agile environments. He's worn every hat from CTO to grunt programmer. Allen is a frequent international speaker and author of a dozen books and hundreds of articles. His in-house, public, and video classes regularly receive accolades. Contact Allen through, at [email protected], or on Twitter.