DevOps West 2018 Tutorial: Fundamentals of Lean Startup


Monday, June 4, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Fundamentals of Lean Startup

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Is your industry being disrupted? Is it getting more difficult to keep your customers—or to find new ones? Agile and DevOps form the foundation of best practices for how to build products, but they work just as well when applied to the right—or to the wrong— products. We need a different process to help us distinguish between the two. Lean Startup drives to the source of the problem and helps us answer the question—Should we build it? This year more than half of the participants at Lean Startup Week were from enterprise organizations. If you’re not using the Lean Startup way of designing new products, your competitors probably are. Through hands-on exercises Pete Oliver-Krueger presents techniques that you can apply immediately to new ideas and tired projects. Intuit, Pixar, GE, USA Today, and many more companies use these same techniques: Getting Out of the Building (Talking to Customers), the Build-Measure-Learn Loop (Transitioning from Ideas to Experiments), Minimum Viable Products (Unleashing Your Inner Frankenstein), and Innovation Accounting (Data-Driven Decision Making). Take back ideas for introducing Lean Startup to your company.

Pete Oliver-Krueger

An Agile and lean speaker, management consultant, and trainer for LitheSpeed, Pete Oliver-Krueger specializes in the psychology of product development. “It's taught me that how I introduce techniques into an organization can make more of an impact than which techniques.” Pete works closely with startups and enterprise organizations exploring the question—What should we build?—including designing customer interviews and market tests. He started his career at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, built the first DC Metro Trip Planner, helped build the first online university, and managed projects for the Pentagon, USA Today, and TD Ameritrade, among others. Pete co-organizes the DC Lean Startup Circle and is the technical director for a traveling theatre company.